Looking Back: TCYMN’s 2014 Showcase

As we gear up for the 2015 Media Market and Showcase, we’re looking back at some of the amazing youth work that was shown last year. SPNN is so proud of this piece by Destiny Roberts, Michaela Huberty, and Darartu Tashoma.

“From the Roots” offers an introspective view of Black women’s identity through the conversation about hair, a narrative that is frequently missing from mainstream media. Producer Destiny frames the conversation by identifying her hair as a mirror of her self-image and identity. The other teens and adults interviewed about their hair and what their unique style preference means to them reveals how media plays a large part in the internal dialogue surrounding hair.

The video sets out to examine how hair is inextricably tied to culture, particularly within the narrative of Black women in America. The team conducts interviews with young girls and women, compiling diverse messages around what people call “good hair.” From the Roots reveals how media relays pervasive messages to women at all ages about how beautiful hair must meet European standards in order to be “good hair”- hair that is straight and smooth.

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