Steering Committee

The TCYMN Steering Committee is comprised of members of local Twin Cities area organizations with a youth media focus. They are responsible for providing guidance on the overall strategic direction of the network. The committee will address key issues such as: determining goals and objectives of the network, visioning, marketing, and budgeting.

Specific responsibilities of the TCYMN Steering Committee include:
• Accomplishing goals and objectives in a timely manner
• Monitoring and reviewing projects
• Assisting with projects whenever needed
• Reconciling differences of opinion within the network
• Supervising the TCYMN coordinator

Each TCYMN member organization has the opportunity to nominate one person to be a Steering Committee member. Other individuals from the organization may also attend the meetings if they so choose. Steering Committee members agree to attend 9 out of 12 meetings each year, to host one meeting per year at their site (if possible), and to serve on a subcommittee. If a steering committee member cannot attend a meeting, they may send another representative from their organization, or, give their input on agenda items to the TCYMN coordinator.

The TCYMN Steering Committee will meet on a monthly basis. Meetings will be facilitated by the TCYMN coordinator, and Steering Committee members will make decisions by coming to consensus. Meetings will be open to the public. Agendas will be sent out prior to each meeting, and minutes will be sent out afterwards. Steering Committee members agree to support any decisions made at TCYMN meetings in their absence.