Teacher Resources

Global Action Project (GAP) features media curriculum on community engagement and youth media production.

Technology Literacy Collaborative (TLC) features curriculum on a wide array of digital literacy standards and media production for working with youth and adults.

Walker Art Center’s “A Teen Programs How-To Kit” lays out tips for starting a youth program.

Adobe Youth Voices offers curriculum on video, photography and audio production.

The National Youth In Radio Training Project created a manual that lists national youth radio programs and provides tips on how to start your own.

KCET, Southern California’s public television station, runs an online documentary series about Los Angeles neighborhoods, called Departures, that also does workshops for youth. The Youth Voices workshop curriculum can be found here.

The Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production offers some informative training materials for radio production and storytelling.

StoryCorps provides steps for recording your own story.

Transom.org, an open site for public radio users and listeners, offers tools for radio storytelling and production and details workshops done for youth on these topics.

Youth Learn offers educators and youth workers resources and services to create powerful learning experiences.

Regional Youth Media Arts Education Collective provides curriculum and resources for educators on its website.

Sound Portraits has a guide for recording your own radio documentary.